Past Show

Diploma Graduate Show 2017 : may 27th -June 18th

Showcasing the 2016 graduates of the Norfolk Painting School’s Diploma Programme, such as Salona White (above, God From The Sea, Oil on board 20×24″ 2016 selected as best in show by Course Director Martin Kinnear).

To enquire about any of the artists please contact the gallery.


Lizzie Hall

“I have always enjoyed painting as part of the design process ,and I  am delighted by the quality of paint on surfaces and experimenting with the myriad ways it can be applied and removed to leave a map of my physical presence on the surface.

My happiest time is spent in front of my easel totally immersed in the depiction of chroma, light and form, in the dance of representation that occurs as I observe and relate to the worlds both real and imagined” 

Sue Barber

“I grew up on a working farm in rural Derbyshire in the “White” Peak area,the eldest of 6 .Drawing has been a constant companion and focus through the years.

I enjoy painting subjects which give me a buzz whether this is an outstanding sunset, sunlight through trees, the excitement and spectacle of horses at the races or the fleeting glimpse of wildlife, the grace of movement in a ballet dancer, colour and texture in the garden or simply the quiet daily routine of people at work or play.”

Charlotte Barnes

“My aim is to present an interpretation of something as I see it and its essence as I perceive it – to evoke curiosity and interest and for the viewer to consider their own interpretation of the image

I select an area of interest, close in on it and from within it find my ideas.   I enjoy the challenge, and the satisfaction of solving problems

My current inspiration comes from the dereliction I find in the urban and rural landscape – abandoned discarded objects particularly in a corroded state”



Monique De la Rivière

“My father introduced me to photography and I was entranced. I loved holding a camera and being in the dark room, but I went to university to become a Doctor instead.

I believe I became an artist, because I always was an artist. Everything I had experienced was through an artist’s eye. Even as my curiosity led me elsewhere.

Curiosity still leads the way. Now however, by stroke of the brush or scrape of the palette knife, I simply choose to support and express those experiences and emotions, through my Art.”

Peter Dacre

“I began painting in 2005 and with the constant encouragement of Gloria.I applied to the Norfolk School of Painting and attended the 2016 Diploma Course.  This greatly increased my understanding of oil painting techniques. I have found that I love to paint vibrant colours and richly enjoy painting all aspects of creation whether people or animals, nature or cities; it all contains a rich joy and colour for me and I hope I have captured this well enough for you to continue to enjoy for many years to come.”

Claire Fried

“A painter is a bit like a musician, searching for harmony, developing colour, adding texture, creating light and shadow, leaving space –   just the right amount. Connections, conversations, tensions, the story telling… The beauty and the emotions.  All this in a piece of music .  All this in a painting.Working with oil painting techniques used by masters through the centuries, capturing nature to develop intimacy over slick solutions are my passion and preoccupation.Music accompanies the painting process.Working fast, sometimes slow,  towards simplicity and harmony,  observing people together or alone.”


Valerie Galpin

“In recent years, our lives have become much more complicated than hitherto.My paintings seek to achieve a simplicity and quietude to counteract the real world.  Each one offers a meditative retreat for its viewer, somewhere to regroup and calm the mind.The Isle of Man, where I live, is for me, a place of refuge, a sanctuary.  Travelling off the Island to the Diploma Course last year provided me with an opportunity to step outside of my comfort blanket ,Now, I have the freedom  and confidence to reflect and to develop my curiosity.”

Tom Hawkes

“I have spent fifty years in dusty rehearsal rooms and the cavernous dark interiors of theatres directing over 400 productions of 150 different operas as well as plays and musicals. At the end of all that creativity, however successful the shows I am left with memories, only. Such is the ephemeral nature of live theatre.About ten years ago, the desire to leave something more permanent behind, led me to start painting. My painting journey of self discovery has proved the most involving and exciting thing I have done since leaving Drama School.”

Fen Harrison (Purchase Prize Winner )

“I moved to North Norfolk in 2003 to work as a volunteer for the National Trust and straight away fell in love with the character of this beautiful and varied coastline. I have always been intrigued by the working life of the coast and the history that has shaped its geography. Subsequently, I am often found loitering around boat yards, work sheds and fishing boats, where I am inspired by the ordered chaos, the peeling paint, the colour of lobsters pots and fluorescent buoys. I love to see fishing boats moored up, quiet, waiting for the tide to come in and I hope my paintings reflect this stillness whilst capturing the vibrant colours and light found by the sea.

It is hard to summarise all that the diploma course has taught me. I used to struggle to paint anything other than detailed replicas of photographs, but thanks to Martin’s expert tuition and genuine belief in me, I now have the confidence and knowledge to move forward creatively. I am excited by the future and the paintings yet to come.”


Julia Kiely

Julia Kiely is a contemporary abstract artist producing both 2D and 3D work in a variety of media, including oil. She has studios in Brittany, France and  in the heart of Derbyshire’s  Peak district where her interest and curiosity into the geology, industrial heritage and archaeology of the region’s landscape inform her work. She completed a BA(Hons) Fine Art degree at the University of Derby, graduating in 2014, with a 1st class degree and has since, participated in over 20 exhibitions, many residencies and festivals and has won awards for her work.

Alistair Martin

“As a self-taught watercolourist with a lifelong interest in painting, retirement from a career in medicine offered me the ideal opportunity to expand my artistic horizons and explore the world of oil painting on the diploma course; it was one of the best decisions I have made.

My inspiration comes mainly from the East Anglian countryside, particularly the dramatic wide skies, fleeting weather changes and unique coastline.

The various techniques that Martin has taught me at the school has enabled me to develop my style and grow in artistic confidence”

Elizabeth Hood

“When I’m out and about, I often notice little tableaux – a busker – a guy taking a photo of his girlfriend – people lost in conversation… and these scenes make me pause.  Then, when I’m back at home, I play with the images in my sketch book. Sometimes I use my own candid photographs as a basis for a piece. I love the iconic quality of good black and white photos, so I’ve incorporated something of that in my work, which also leaves compositional space for me to indulge my passion for colour – which was the reason I took up painting in the first place…!  I love the physicality of paint, so when I feel I’ve settled on the structure and the main colours, I approach the final piece with an open mind – open to allowing the paint to direct how it might develop.  I have the most fun painting when I get into a conversation with a piece – I might plan to go one way, but then it asks me for something different.”

Alison Moy

“Attempting to transform mud, paint, graphite, ink, pigments, paper and canvas into art has always struck me as a kind of magical alchemy. I look for beauty in the prosaic ordinariness of everyday life, and my painting is an attempt to share this perspective with others. I want my work to stand alone and speak for itself, without text or reams of pretentious arty doggerel.

Studying the oil painting diploma at the Norfolk Painting School was a privilege well worth paying for. I know that that no other school or institution in the UK could have given me the technical grounding and knowledge that this course gave me.As a result, I have the skills to move forward in my artistic practice with confidence”

Tadhg O’Scanaill

“I endeavour to interpret the impact and atmosphere of my environment through studying the techniques and styles of the masters form Turner, Constable, Corot, Monet and Seago and have reaped great benefit from my many visits to the Norfolk Painting School and the inspired guidance of Martin Kinnear.

Every day brings new visions and ideas that stretch my ability and competence and push me to strive to fine tune and develop my skills and the joy of it all is that there is always room for improvement.”

Kathryn Lewis (Purchase Prize Winner )

“My work is about half remembered recollections of people and places I have known.  Capturing the associated elements in terms of time and place and the relationships I have had with them, is the challenge of  painting.

Oil painting for me, is a journey.  Part of this odyssey has lead me recently to Norfolk, in order to acquire a better understanding of painting. Martin Kinnear having analysed and unravelled the methods of the old masters and the various art movements,  has shared this information and his insights with us over the past year.”

Barry Page

“I draw my inspiration, energy and my excitement from direct observation but, I am always being conscious of the subtext between life and memories.  My images are painterly abstractions of what I see, feel and experience.  The degree of abstraction, the colour palette and composition are always influenced by my studies.  When I sit down to paint, the scene I observe will dictate the aspects of what I am to do. Overall I am interested in the personality of life as I strive to demonstrate through my art a forceful individual expression”


Rosalind Parfitt

“Affected and influenced by a single painting by Degas in the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge, I have turned my attention to figurative and portrait work. I paint what interests me at the time but in the main I am drawn by things that evoke an emotion of some sort. I try to paint that emotion rather than just the thing itself. The single piece I have submitted to this exhibition expresses my fascination with people – who they are, how they make me feel, how others react around them. ”


Salona White

“I don’t know, when I start,  what I’m going to say about the people, or how.  Composition is king, people abstracted, merely interrelated value-shapes.  The joy is in playing with the elements, through sketches and iPad paintings, until I see how it might be – and then comes the painting, bouncing delusions of reality back and forward to the picture-plane, new discoveries made through the practice of the craft with all its glorious variations.   And something, a human something, coming forward.”

Alison Parriss

“15 years ago I turned to painting after a long career in advertising. I paint using soft, translucent layers, building up the image to create the atmosphere of whatever it is I am trying to capture.  I love using light as the main source of the painting.From portraiture to landscape and still life, I am inspired by the beautiful county of Norfolk and everyday life.I am at my happiest when I have my paint brush in my hand, the radio on and I am totally absorbed in the moment. It’s pure unadulterated bliss.”

Tony Quinn

“Its impossible for me not to see a sunset, a particular view of a landscape or seascape, reflections in a lake or river, a gnarled old tree or cloud formation without wanting to capture that moment. When I see these things in everyday life I find myself thinking almost without consciousness of how I could capture that moment on canvas and convey that same feeling I had experienced to others. Painting for me is like a meditation in which time and space disappears as I get immersed into the world of creativity.”

Silvi Schaumlöeffel

“I enjoy playing with paint and like to express my playful side through my choice of narrative, expressive mark making as well as  glazing in a contemporary manner.My compositions aim to transform a factual source of visual information into a world owned by the viewer. By Expressing my playful side through my choice of narrative and the application of paint.Incorporating experiences from my life, The end results are expressive contemporary oil paintings, incorporating lettering, cartoons, tree markings and colour (lots of it), true to myself and hopefully to you.”

Lisa Roissetter

“My paintings are currently about Cities and the way I perceive the landscape.  I like the transient nature of this environment, the seemingly endless and distant views and of being a small fragment in a world of many.Oil paint is my preferred medium for painting. I enjoy the physical act of painting, paint mixing and colour selection along with the concentration and decision making needed to balance colour and tone.I find the process of drawing and painting utterly and totally absorbing and a true pleasure, the satisfaction and release I derive from art supports other areas of my life.”

John Sampson

“Raised from the Marshes of North Essex, with 30 years as a family Doctor in South Norfolk, landscapes of place and mind are a formative influence for me. Following paths and tracks, seeing colour and light falling across landscapes then dwelling on details, the exploring mind can be followed.My hand and eye are now challenged to respond, capture and express where the mind has been.My pictures are a developing expression of the journey I am on.I (Now) more clearly see the importance of my subjective engagement with Place.As well as continuing to develop skills and technical aspects of paint application, I will be exploring deeper within my evolving approach to landscapes and the stories they hold.”

Valerie Whitham

“I just love the challenge of producing art, it’s frustrating, absorbing and when it works just sheer joy. I’m fascinated with patterns of light and dark, the emotion and energy of a place, the peacefulness and calm.

More recently I’ve been painting buildings I feel they are in and of the landscape.  I want to stir emotions, perhaps trigger some memories, to communicate feelings rather than just record information. I completed the Norfolk Painting School Diploma in November last year, it gave me a process in which I can continue to stretch myself and develop further.”

Penny Sumerfield

“I paint places and objects which have a particular meaning to me and which I hope others will connect to.For this exhibition I have chosen to show a series called City Life. These are a series of paintings of London Parks and the River Thames. They represent other rhythms and atmospheres that are moving at a different pace to ourselves. Time of day, the seasons, the birds in the city, pigeons, ducks, swans, are a constant and connect us to beauty and reflection and a chance to take a different view.”

Heather Taylor

“The focus of my painting is predominately portraiture: it is the discipline I love and to which I always return.  Human expression is endlessly fascinating and my aim is to capture the essence of someone’s character in paint. My current collection of ‘broken’ portraits, is about the fragility of human beings.  We are essentially at the mercy of both our physical bodies and our emotions, which is both our triumph and our tragedy.  My aim is to capture a moment on canvas, so that fleeting emotion can last a lifetime.”

Pippa Weir

“After leaving school at 18, I did no painting for 46 years.   On moving to South Africa, I found myself standing outside a gallery where in the window, was an advert for art classes.   Two weeks later I was on a course in water colours – four years later I was on a course on oil painting. Five years later, we moved to the Gers in France where I had my first solo exhibition.Today, what inspires me Is to paint with the ever changing colours and weather moods you find in the clouds.”

mick yates

I have studied at ROI classes, and in France with David Sawyer but the most influential and interesting teaching I have received,by far, is from the Norfolk Painting School.My hope, is that my work is developing all the time, as I come to understand the techniques and the thinking needed for painting ….while acknowledging this is a process for more than one lifetime.My concerns are of composition , colour and the nature of light. As I work towards finding that most elusive of balances between “the real “ and “the abstact “ in my landscapes.