New Prints by Broken Foot Designs

The Story of Broken Foot Designs, by artist Martin Kinnear

In March 2017 my foot hurt from walking around too much – because in Norfolk it’s hard not to get out and about whenever one can.

To cut a long story short, a stress fracture became a break (and yes it does make a ‘snapping’ sound – ouch) and I couldn’t get out to paint my favourite places anymore.

I had hoped to start my new oils show this Spring, and get into my current project of painting both here, and at my new studio in the Dales, but with a broken foot those plans had to go on hold.  Like many artists , I have an extensive image library, and often tinker about with ideas on my i-Pad before committing them to canvas. Frustrated, I turned to pure i-Pad painting,

After designing a few images to keep me out of mischief , I found to my surprise that I rather enjoyed creating finished i-Pad paintings.

The result is my new label,  Broken Foot Designs, which are affectionate tributes to the touring posters commonly produced for resorts and attractions in the mid 20th Century.

While each poster has been designed from the ground up by me, I have to confess that the concept for the designs is not wholly original, as they are based upon similar works created by  Norman Wilkinson (1878-1971), who studied art at Portsmouth and Southsea Schools of Art. A famous marine painter, he designed posters for several railway companies and organised the Royal Academy series of posters for the London & Midlands Railway (LMR) in 1924.

I have also used, with the kind permission of Daniel Tink,  an image of an old boat at Thornham, as a starting point for one of the works; his photography is superbly inspirational.

Each and every scene is of somewhere I know and love, proving that one can virtually get out and about from the comfort of one’s armchair!

From the off, I wanted these designs to both accessible and affordable, so I’m pleased to say that with the help of some friendly local printers we can offer high quality original prints at an introductory price of just £50 each unframed, and £125 if you opt for a framed version.

Every poster has been designed by me, and printed in North Norfolk – so you can have a little bit of heaven on your wall…

If you like serious contemporary oil painting by the way  , I should add that I hope to bring you a show of new works towards the end of this year, in the interim I sincerely hope that you enjoy my new prints.

The prints

My Classic Views of Norfolk series comprises of 24 different, original i-pad paintings which have been printed to fit a standard 80x60cm large print frame, it’s the ideal size to hang in almost any room.

Printed on good quality archival stock the prints are available framed  or unframed, through the New British Art Gallery North Creake.